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One day tour Stonehenge

This 1 day tour covers approximately 27 miles.

Overview and highlights

This is a 1 day tour starts and finishes in the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury. Leaving Salisbury we pass close by the site of Old Sarum. Old Sarum is the site of the earliest settlement of Salisbury. This mighty Iron Age hill fort is where the first cathedral once stood and the Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark.

Old Sarum

Heading North from Salisbury we initially follow the course of the Avon river valley. We pass though the hamlets of Little Durnford and Netton before crossing over the Avon at Upper Woodford

The Avon at Upper Woodford

From here we head north towards the town of Amesbury, before heading on towards Woodhenge.


Woodhenge is an atmospheric Neolithic site close to Stonehenge. Today concrete markers replace the six concentric rings of timber posts which are believed to have once supported a ring-shaped building. From Woodhenge it is only a short distance onto the UNESCO world heritage site of Stonehenge. Here you can choose to view the stones without paying from the public right of way, or go to the nearby visitor centre and pay for access.


From Stonehenge we retrace our steps back to Upper Woodford, and then back to Salisbury.