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Over 50s Cycling for Singles

What is this? Well, once every few weeks we reserve one of our tours specifically for single people over the age of 50.

Now –although we call this ‘Cycling for Singles’ this is not any form of dating or matchmaking service. Instead, it is more about having the opportunity to meet people of a similar age who have, hopefully, a similar range of interests.

We restrict it to those that are single and are over 50 years of age simply because it makes more sense to do it this way. Sometimes if you are on your own in a group full of couples you just don’t get the same chance to mix and talk to so many people. So to make sure this is not the case we restrict these tours to those that are single and over 50.

We try to ensure there is as far as possible an equal(ish) mix between the genders, but apart from this there is no attempt at profiling or anything like that.

On the Tour schedules & Bookings page you can easily tell which tours are restricted to ‘Over 50s Cycling for Singles’.

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