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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that people Frequently Ask us about our tours. If you have any other questions or you simply need to know more about something then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Cyclorambles – what’s that about? It’s just our way of describing what our tours are all about. Our tours are really gentle rambles through the countryside on a bike. It’s a simple as that.

How long are your tours? All our 2 and 3 day tours involve 30-40 miles of gentle cycling each day on back roads, country lanes etc with very light traffic. Our 1 day tours are generally around 20-25 miles.

Can you supply a bike? Yes – we can provide you with a bike. We make an additional charge of £20.00 per day for bike rental. All we need to know are a few details about you in order to make sure the bike is a good fit.

Can you supply an electric bicycle? Yes - we can. The daily rental charge for this is a bit more than that for a standard bike. How much all depends on what type of electric bicycle you actually need, and we would need to talk to you to find this out. We would also need a few details about you in order to make sure the bike is a good fit.

If I bring my own bike – what sort of bike do I need? Whatever you have would be fine. A Mountain bike, an old town cruiser, a shopping bike, a foldaway bike, a racing bike…anything you have would be absolutely fine…as long as it’s in working order. We encourage you to bring along a spare inner tube and a (working!) pump in case of punctures. But if you don’t have these then it is not a worry as we are there to help in emergencies.

What if I have bike problems? If anything goes wrong with your bike (e.g. a puncture) - and you can’t fix it yourself on the road then you just give us a call and we will be with you in no time at all. We will fix it and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Do I need specialised clothing? Yes and No. You don’t need lots and lots of brightly coloured lycra. Wear what is comfortable for you. But what would be good is some sort of waterproof jacket (you never know – it might just rain!), and we also advise you to think about bringing along a change of clothes to ride in just in case of a soaking. You don’t have to carry it with you as we can bring it along in the sag wagon.

What’s a sag wagon? It’s the mini bus we use to transport your luggage and it also provides a ‘base’ for refreshments and lunch.

If I get tired can I ride in the sag wagon? Yes. Although you will have to put up with a terrible selection of 80s power ballads on a continual loop – you have been warned.

Are we supposed to ride as a group? Not at all. The main thing is for everybody to ride at their own pace. Take as much time as you want and stop as often as you feel like. In fact we actively encourage you to take it all at your own pace and to stop as often as you like to see things and explore places. This is cyclorambling!

Do you do guided tours? We do offer 1 day guided tours – but these are arranged specifically for your group. For our public schedule of tours the default is not a guided option. What is a ‘guided tour’? A guided tour is where we ride with you to show you the way and point out and explain things of interest along the way (just like a tour guide). On a guided tour everybody would ride in a group.

Is a helmet compulsory? No – it’s not compulsory, but we would strongly advise you to wear one.

Do you provide helmets? No – you have to bring your own. We do not provide helmets.

Do you provide lunch? Yes – we meet up with you on the road and provide you with mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments and lunch. At the time of booking we ask about any dietary requirements you might have, and then a few days before the off we contact you with some menu choices.

What if I have a specific dietary requirement? This should not be a problem. Just let us know about it at the time of booking and we can discuss.

Do you provide the overnight hotels? Yes, for our 2 and 3 day tours the cost of overnight accommodation is included. We normally go for B&Bs or 2-3 star hotels.

What about my luggage? Don’t worry we pick that up from your overnight accommodation and take it for you.

At the end of the final day is there somewhere I can get a shower, get changed etc? The short answer is that we do not provide anywhere for you to change, get a shower etc, at the end of the final day. But we do provide you (if you want them) with directions to a very local sports centre that you can use.

Is the route easy to follow? Yes -absolutely. This is not any form of map reading challenge! We provide detailed daily guides that show you the route in considerable detail. If you ever have any doubt about the route to be taken just give us a ring and we can provide guidance. We also normally have somebody riding alongside you throughout the day to help with the route and point out some things to see.

What if I am not an experienced cyclist? Not a problem. We stick to back roads and quiet country lanes. If we do have to go on a main road it will only ever be for a very (very!) short distance. We have people coming on our tours who have not really ridden a bike in years – and they all manage just fine.

What about the hills? Well the countryside you will be riding through is beautiful…but it is mainly Downs type terrain. So that means there are a few ups and downs and a few hills that you will need to get up. But you don’t have to ride up them. There is nothing at all wrong with just getting off and pushing. Pushing just means that you get to enjoy a nice walk in the countryside! Anyway – there are not that many hills, and of course the really good news is that what goes up must come down….

Can I bring along young children? This sounds harsh – but no, not really on the supported tours. If they can’t ride independently for 30-40 miles a day then it’s really not going to be suitable for them. Nor is it really practical to use a specialist bike trailer – it would just be too long a day for really young ones to enjoy. Sorry! Please note for insurance reasons we cannot hire a bicycle to anybody younger than 15 years old. But for a 1 day guided tours we can build a schedule to suit any children you might want to bring along – just talk to us about this.

Do you do group bookings? Yes - we do all sorts of group bookings. In the past we have done hen parties and bookings for a 50th and 60th birthday party (a very family affair). So yes – if you have a group of friends you want to go with contact us and we can book a date that is suitable for you. For this type of booking we can provide (if you want) a guided tour.

Any age limits? No – none at all. If you can ride a bike then you can come along.

How many people do you take in a group? It depends. In order to keep things personal and friendly we generally try to keep numbers below 16. More than this and it all starts to become a bit impersonal for us. As a minimum number – well in the past we have run tours with just 2 people on it – but an ideal number would be 4+.

What does ‘fully supported’ actually mean? Well we offer fully supported tours. That means we look after everything for you. We move your luggage, we provide you with meals on the road…all you have to do is ride the bike and enjoy yourself.

Do you provide toilet facilities on the ride? No – I’m afraid not. Its hedgerows and secluded woods for that sort of thing I’m afraid (top tip – bring your own wet wipes!).

Can you guarantee constant sunshine and absolutely no headwinds? Errr no.

Sounds great how do I book? We like to make sure that what we provide is totally suited to your needs. So we like to talk to you before booking.

So to book please contact us at and we can then talk through all the options to make sure what you are getting is right for you.

Any more questions? Just ask...